C#, Dataloading, Excel, Xml »

[25 Apr 2008 | 0 Comments]

Have you ever been given a spreadsheet to import into some system or other?

Have you then tried creating a simple dataloading program to read the data, run some dataloading rules against it before loading it into the correct fields on the target system.

Have you found this has caused problems in code because:

A) Everything is a string
B) It is hard to access the correct spreadsheet columns in code be because of a lot of column index numbers being used.
C) The Excel runtime must be installed on the computer running the data loading tool.

If you have shared this pain and have not found a better solution then please read on.

Javascript, MS CRM4 »

[24 Apr 2008 | 60 Comments]

I've been working on a MS CRM 4 project and found that the custom entities that we added displayed an 'Add Existing xxxxx to this record' button when it was not required and created a lot of confusion among the users.

Microsoft have said they will make this optional 'In the next release' but that is not soon enough for me!