[9 Jun 2009 | 0 Comments]

This article goes through a simple api I have created and released to enable people to integrate postcode lookup features in their own applications. In a nutshell people give me the ids and postcodes of their items, which I store. Then these id’s can be searched for by providing a postcode and a radius.

I created this service after having had a couple of enquires to my business about people wanting to have the postcode lookup feature I have got on my on my www.safetytrainingnetwork.co.uk and www.trainingcoursebooker.com websites in their software.

I have just extended the service to us the free http://www.freethepostcode.org/ service which I think is a great idea and I hope it continues to grow as it removes the licencing headaches I was having by using Multimap open api. My service can still use Multimap for the Geolocation data as long as the user has a valid Multimap account (contact me if you need more details).  I have also recently found more open geo-location data at New Popular Editions Map thanks to a blog article I read from Mark Embling.