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ASP.net MVC - can't wait to give it a whirl

6. September 2008 by Dave Hawes 0 Comments

While I've had my head stuck in Crm for the last year I appear to have missed a very important release for ASP.net - Microsoft's Model View Controller (MVC).

The majority of people I meet think that ASP.net is Webforms. This is not true.

ASP.net is the framework and Webforms is what Microsoft gives out of the box to developers to create webpages. If you wanted you could write your own rendering engines on ASP.net and not even touch webforms - go back to Asp classic or php style of creating pages. However I like how Webforms is declarative, easy to read and I'm able to leverage work done others in a simple way.

So now Microsoft have released a second 'out of the box' method to create webpages with ASP.net to developers which (from what I've read so far) is superior to the initial Webforms option.

Things that are getting me excited about MVC method are:

  • Easy to write unit tests
  • Much more control over html output to create semantically correct html therefore fully leverage the power of css and get higher ranking on Google ;)
  • Plugable Javascript / Ajax engines

So when I get home tomorrow I'll be downloading, installing and having a play as I think this will enable me to create better quality webpages using ASP.net.



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