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MVC.net and YUI (Yahoo UI) Brown bag session on 14th March

11. March 2009 by Dave Hawes 6 Comments

I have managed to arrange Ian Crowther, an ex-colleague from Avanade, to come and do a brown bag session for me and my employees this Saturday 14th March at my office near Haslemere in the UK.

Ian has been working a lot with Microsoft’s MVC.net and Yahoo UI recently. He is going to give a presentation and then run a practical coding workshop on Microsoft’s MVC.net and Yahoo UI showing how to combine them to produce some sexy looking websites. In the workshop we are going to attempt to re-implement a recent asp.net web forms project See The Link have been working on as an asp.net MVC.net project. I’m really excited to find out more about how this will work and what the result will be! If they are good I’m hoping to put the MVC.net version live instead of the original web forms version.

I know that it is short notice but I am opening up this event to any techies who might be interested. I have space for another 3 people so if you want to come along then ping me an email before this Friday. We will be starting at 10am on Saturday going onto whenever (hopefully be about 4-6 hours or so)!


Ian Crowther
United Kingdom Ian Crowther said:

Looking forward to it

Guy Blain
United Kingdom Guy Blain said:

I'll be there, will prolly only understand 5% of it but that's better than nought and willing to learn anything useful.
Also looking forward to it.Ta

Nick Watkins
United Kingdom Nick Watkins said:

Excellent, I shall be there!

I've got some (relatively new) experience with ExtJS (http://www.extjs.com) which is JavaScript framework for building RIAs. I doubt I'll have time to put any examples together, but there's plenty on the Ext site we can look at.

I'm keen to know more on MVC.net! See you Saturday.

United Kingdom davehawes said:

Excellent turnout! Looks like I might be learning more than I bargined for with extjs.

See everyone tomorrow.

Guy Blain
United Kingdom Guy Blain said:

Well, as expected, it was a bit over my head, but while most of what we went over, I did not understand, I am confidant will make more sense in the near future. I am already having to re-evaluate my understanding of web development so far and I reckon it's for the better, this was a good start for me.

Many Thanks to Ian for sparing his time and to Dave for setting this up and hosting.


United Kingdom davehawes said:

Thanks to everyone that turned and and especially Ian. We managed to cover a lot of ground.

Ian showed us how to create a YUI widget as well as giving us an overview of MVC.net. Rather than re-writing existing functionality we decided to re-create a webiste Guy had created using dreamweaver to use MVC and our shiny new widget. We made a good start and I have got some time this week to put more polish on the solution. I'll post again when its finished Smile

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