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LLBLGen Pro presentation at Dev Evening UK – ORM Showdown

26. February 2010 by Dave Hawes 0 Comments

I was privileged to be able to give a talk last night about an Object Role Mapper (ORM) tool that I have been using for over 2 years now called LLGLGen Pro. Dev Evening is a .NET user group near me which I have been attending for the last 4 months or so. Every meeting @mrlacy ensures there is a new and interesting topic for the techies that attend.

A few weeks ago @devevening asked if anyone had use any An ORM is a tool that lets you generate all the boring / boilerplate code of getting data in and out of a database to a Data Access Layer (DAL) as easy as possible. I had done a fairly decent amount of research into the topic 2 years ago when I was looking at creating my own websites. I decided on LLBLGen pro as my tool of choice and have not looked back. I thought this would be a great opportunity to explain to other developers the reasons for my decision.

My summary is this:

  1. I have no desire to be good at getting data in an out of databases. I would rather concentrate on business problems
  2. Getting an ORM gives me the experise of experts at little or no cost
  3. Paying for an ORM gives me professional support and a product with a roadmap
  4. LLBLGen fits my way of thinking, is easy to use and well worth the 249 euros!
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