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Video diary of Charity Hack 2010

23. September 2010 by Dave Hawes 3 Comments

So I went to Charity Hack and as promised have put together a video of the event.

The Event

It was a great event (again) with the standard of apps even better than last year. John Lunn has done a write up of the event with videos of all the winning hacks.

There is also a great write up by Ben Matthews about all 18 entries which is well worth a read to get a overall feel of the event. http://benrmatthews.posterous.com/28520434

There is also a great photo stream here of the event: http://www.flickr.com/photos/martin_88/with/5004083392/

Our App

We created a Windows Phone 7 app which used a number of API’s provided by JustGiving and PayPal to collect the donations from users. We only had a limited time to learn what the development tools for Windows Phone 7 could do but it was really easy to pickup and get something doing pretty complex api calls in a very short time. It does an number of restful web service calls in the background which was made even easier with the http://restsharp.org/ library. We were really pleased with the outcome so please enjoy the video!


Cristiano Betta
United Kingdom Cristiano Betta said:

Great video. Fun to see how you guys enjoyed the weekend. We need to make more of these for next year.

PS: In my opinion you guys had the best mobile hack, sad you didn't win anything.

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United Kingdom davehawes said:

Thanks Cristiano, stiff competition this year and everyone one was a winner, even if you don't get a prize!

Have a great time in San Fran ;)

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